An iPad signed by Steve Jobs could be auctioned for over $10,000

An iPad signed by Steve Jobs could be auctioned for over $10,000
An iPad signed by Steve Jobs could be auctioned for over $10,000 (Photo: Divulgação/RR Auction)

RR Auction, the auction house, will auction a rare original iPad autographed by Steve Jobs in 2010, a year before his death. The expectation is that the item will be sold for over $10,000.

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However, at the time of this text’s publication, the latest bid for the item was $12,974. The model, a rare 32 GB original Apple iPad, was sent to a dentist in Hawaii as a “personal gift from Steve.”

The dentist, Frank H. Sayre, treated the Apple founder for free while he was visiting the island in 2010. “We explained that we had a policy of never charging visitors to the city for any emergency treatment,” Sayre told RR Auctions.

Jobs asked what he could do to thank him for the treatment, and the dentist requested a signed iPad for a fundraising auction for the Hawaii County Fire Department professionals, who risked their lives to recover Sayre’s son’s body, who died in 1997 after a fatal fall during a hike.

After several months without news from the Apple founder, Sayre sent a check for $759 to pay for the iPad. After receiving a letter from LaNita Burkhead, Jobs’ secretary, the dentist received the autographed iPad and the check back, with an emphasis that the item was a gift.

In addition to the iPad, a very rare 4 GB iPhone, a first-generation 8 GB iPhone, and a check signed by Steve Jobs are also being auctioned by RR Auctions.

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