YouTube updates Shorts and becomes more like TikTok

YouTube atualiza o Shorts e fica mais parecido com o TikTok
YouTube updates Shorts and becomes more like TikTok (Photo: Pexels)

YouTube announced some news on Tuesday (1), many of them related to Shorts, its own short video tool. The changes and expansions aim to compete even more with Instagram Reels, and especially with TikTok.

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Among the updates are Collab, a way for creators to record a video side by side with others, tools for remixing, adding effects, stickers, and encouraging live streams within Shorts.

The company is testing a new ‘vertical live’ experience that will help live creators be discovered in the main feed of the short video tool. Similar to what already happens with TikTok, YouTube Shorts will show a preview of a content creator’s live streams, who is followed or recommended by the algorithm to the user.

Collab will work similarly to TikTok’s ‘Duets’ and Instagram Reels’ ‘Remix’, allowing users to create a video based on another existing one, encouraging interaction among content creators. The YouTube Shorts Collab also offers a variety of layout options to form the split screen.

Shorts has grown significantly since its debut, surpassing 50 billion daily views. According to YouTube, the short video tool has reached over 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users on the platform who watch Shorts.

Source: YouTube

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