Twitch Launches 48-Hour Stories in Its App

Twitch Launches 48-Hour Stories in Its App (Twitch)
Twitch Launches 48-Hour Stories in Its App (Twitch)

Famous ‘stories’ have arrived on another app: Twitch! The ‘purple’ platform has added this feature to its mobile app, with a unique characteristic – posts last up to 48 hours.

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Currently, Twitch Stories are limited to partners and affiliates who have conducted at least one live stream on the platform in the last 30 days. However, according to Senior Product Manager Eduardo Fenili, the feature may be expanded to more streamers.

In addition to sharing photos, videos, text, custom emotes, and backgrounds, there is also the possibility to post clips from previous broadcasts.

The novelty aims to facilitate the connection between followers and streamers, without the need to leave the platform to communicate.

“One of the reasons we are launching Stories on Twitch is to enhance the connection with your followers without leaving the platform. For example, if a recurring stream is going to be delayed by half an hour, you can inform the community with a Story. Have you bought a new piece of equipment and are excited to share this news? Make the community curious by posting a Story with a photo of the amazing devices you bought and an invitation to the next stream,” said Fenili.

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